WiSA technology has been designed, tested and manufactured in Australia - providing reliable and proven systems to our customers for over 15 years.

The WiSA system will give you greater control, increased flexibility whilst providing a high level of accuracy. The data is always real time so decisions can be made instantaneously.

Incorporating Weather Data and Soil Moisture Data into our real time system means irrigation and fertigation can be based on real data straight from the field.

Water and fertilizer is only applied when it is required and no more than necessary because the sensors are in place giving real time feedback from the field.

This in turn reduces input costs such as water, time, labour, electricity and fertilisers whist still ensuring the best use of water and maximum benefit to the plant or crop.

Our systems are modular and solutions are tailored to specific customer requirements, allowing customers to start with a small solution and add to it over time.

All WiSA control systems can be logged into remotely using either mobile telemetry or internet connections so you don't need to be on site to make decisions.

Base Station

All WiSA telemetry equipment communicates back to a central computer via the base station.

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Field Unit

Made to the highest standards and tested to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions. The high specification construction is powder coated aluminium with an aluminium insect resistant valve to optimise operating conditions and remove moisture build up.

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Pump Shed Unit

The Pump shed module has been designed around the workings of environmental, pump control, fertigation, filter and valve operations.

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Probes and Sensors

Our systems collect data from a wide range of sensors to give a complete picture of conditions on your property.

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AquaLink enables growers to perform all functions required to monitor and control their irrigation and environmental sensors.

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