We have over 12 years experience in partnering with vineyard owners and operators, developing our solutions to maximise benefits to the industry.

Our system ensures vineyard operators can make informed, timely decisions for managing their vineyard based on accurate and reliable data. Control of irrigation, fertigation, frost control and heat stress are some of the benefits through having accurate and reliable real time plant, weather, environmental and soil moisture information

Plant health, quality and appearance is enhanced through maintaining optimal soil conditions, ensuring the right amount of water and nutrients are applied at the right time.

Precise Measurement

WiSA systems are the control cetre for flood irrigation automation with precise data significantly increases time efficiencies for our customers. Automated irrigation scheduling allows the system to optimise soil moisture, and reduce time spent on irrigating by farmers.

Intelligent Monitoring

Monitoring of information specific to our customer's needs is made simple through our unique software and reliable hardware. Respond quickly with informed decisions to time critical issues. Know that you can rely on real time alerts if problems arise…

Optimised Irrigation

Irrigate and fertigate only when your crops need it creating maximum benefit to your crops and increasing production. Whilst Reducing your costs, saving water, your time, electricity and fertiliser

Healthier Grapes

Plant health and grape quality are enhanced through maintaining optimal soil conditions. Control of optimal Beau mais levels, frost control and heat stress through real time monitoring of conditions on your vineyard.

Advanced Soil Monitoring

The WiSA irrigation management system captures soil moisture monitoring, sensors and weather data to enable precise control of water and nutrient applications.

All plants (particularly grapes and fruits) produce better quality fruit if water and nutrient availability is managed to encourage root growth, or alternatively, vegetative and fruit growth.A WiSA system effectively improves plant health and horticultural practices by ensuring the right amount of water and nutrients are applied at the right time.

As there are only a certain number of productive days from flowering to full ripe, a WiSA system means precious time is not lost to water logging or unnecessary stress due to lack of water, thereby increasing the potential quality and quantity of the crop.

Field Unit

Wisa solutions work with numerous sensors depending on the grower's requirements including: Weather stations (whether they be complete units or individual sensors)

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Pump Shed Module

The Pump shed module has been designed around the workings of environmental, Pump control, Fertigation, Filter and valve operations.

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Sensors and Probes

Our systems are compatible with a variety of sensors for the collection of real-time data.

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Weather Station

Davis Weathers Stations offer a robust and extremely reliable solution. The weather stations can be fully intergrated into the WiSA system.

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